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Concept • Process • Form

Radiant City adheres to a guiding set of principles that unifies and integrates our work. These comprise the CONCEPT • PROCESS • FORM trilogy.


Every project has a central set of objectives, whether strategic, aesthetic or conceptual – the “parti” that orients the work. The concept may be comfort, or curvature, or to define a market or to surprise. The Concept remains flexible and broad. At all stages of the process, with every decision, we ask ourselves, “Does this decision or design or colour or idea reference the Concept?”


Process refers to the technical steps required to achieve the project. They can involve permitting, documentation, research, negotiation, and innovation. We bring a high level of technical expertise to every project, and where we need help, we seek expertise, or research or invent it ourselves as required.


Without a vision of form in the real world, we are not practising architecture. We bring a commitment to evolve an expressive aesthetic contribution to every project. We look to the language of architecture – massing, shape, colour, materiality, texture – as a palette for the final form. And we seek to avoid formula – every project is an invention responding to a unique relevant context.

Architectural Services – Core Services

Radiant City offers core architectural services: Design, Documentation (including Building Permit and Contract Documents), Contract Award and Administration.


Radiant City works in conjunction with clients to determine functional needs and establish a conceptual vision for the project. We work iteratively and uncritically invite all possibilities into the design process. Preliminary compliance with applicable Codes, Bylaws and Regulations is reviewed.


Radiant City produces working drawings, specifications and other contract documentation that will allow the issuance of a building permit and enable general contractors to reliably price and build the work. Work of additional consultants (Engineers, etc.) is coordinated. Details are developed for assemblies and particular products. Detailed regulatory compliance is investigated.


Radiant City assists the client in managed or competitive selection of a contractor or alternative delivery process.


Radiant City remains involved in the work as it is realized to address unforeseen conditions and to ensure that the intent of the vision is achieved. Deficiencies are resolved and progress payments to the general contractor are reviewed.

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